A Multi-Genre Fan Outlet by a Multi-Genre Fan Geek



When you’re trying to save money, you stay in. Even on the weekends. When you stay in, you kick around hobbies you enjoy. For me, that means playing on Grooveshark and optimizing my little blog project here. You may now notice a few changes as a result!

  • RSS feed URL links in the top-right menu bar as well as the bottom-right sidebar.
  • A Link cluster for friends’ blogs. I’ve tried to include brief descriptions in the alt-text in case you’re interested!
  • A link cluster for web comics I enjoy. Web comics are how I spend a great deal of my surf time, and I love sharing them. Without a doubt, Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques is my favourite. I had the extreme fortune of getting a personalized book from him while he was at GMX this year, so I may be biased.
  • Email subscription widget! Some people still prefer email…
  • Facebook, Twitter and email share buttons below individual blog posts. Also, remember to use the “Like” functionality! Super helps me out.
  • And, finally, a link to my Grooveshark music collection. I’m always looking to see the collection grow, so please share some stuff in the comments on pretty much any post if you’d like me to hear it!

Mostly just fine tuning, right? Yeah. Really making myself at home here.

d[-.-]b o O (So Happy Together by Flobots)

G’night! Well, maybe. More likely several exhausted hours of Fallout: New Vegas. Yeah. Definitely more likely than sleep.


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