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Geek Chic in Music City – PodCamp Nashville


Geeks. Hundreds of geeks. Little glowing apples littered the landscape, and plaid loafers were all but required. I’m beginning to really enjoy these gatherings of the Greater Nashville Geeks. This is my second “unconference,” each lending something special to take away. Everyone enjoys panels and seminars in a different way, with a variety of deliveries really speaking to them. For me, it’s content-heavy, tutorial lectures that really strikes my fancy. I want to see pages of code, demos of active media editing and any other true “meat and potatoes” that the speaker can bring to the table. Because of that, a couple panels that I was fortunate enough to catch really stood out.

d[-.-]b o O (Technologic by Daft Punk)

The Ultimate WordPress Experience by Mitch Canter. Mitch Canter - Studio NashvegasThis was the first mini-seminar that I caught during PodCamp Nashville 2011, and it kicked the party off with a bang. It was exactly what I wanted. I came to PCN11 looking for ways to improve the look, feel and design of my personal site. I came to PCN11 looking for heavy, beginner-to-expert content. I came to PCN11 looking to find the pulse on designers around to community. Mitch delivered. Mitch was a great speaker with an equally engaging subject, and he really covered all of the bases from how to begin, what’s new and trending now and how to implement all of it. As an added bonus, he openly welcomed all who would come to pick his brain at the event, or later through a plethora of social outlets. To be honest, you would have to truly put effort into avoiding Mr. Canter’s help with all of the ways he made it clear he was available and how to reach out. After being privileged to learn from Mitch during PCN11, I cannot wait to catch every event he hosts going forward!

d[-.-]b o O (We Used to Vacation by Cold War Kids)

Jake Jorgovan - Rabbit Hole CreativeThere’s something to be said for someone who can field every single question thrown at him or her. During his presentation on How to Effectively Utilize YouTube, Jake Jorgovan flaunted this skill. A lot of presenters are good at what they do. A lot are good at public speaking. However, not many are flawless in their subject matter. Jake really seemed impossible to stump when asked everything from YouTube Terms of Use questions to how to substitute in auto-fill music using the new YouTube editor, and even a curve-ball about the pros and cons of Vimeo versus YouTube. I also saw more than one technological guffaw during PCN11, not many of which could really be blamed on the presenter. Jake’s presentation fell victim as well, suffering from trying to siphon bandwidth off of the over-tasked wireless network attempting to host every smartphone, tablet, laptop and portable gaming device in the 37201 ZIP code. But in life, as in panels, it’s not how far you fall but how high you bounce back up. Jake shrugged off the missed opportunity to show a video demonstration he had prepared and took the session to a Q&A segment. Not only is this gutsy with such a knowledgeable crowd, but he had quite a lot of sand left in the top-half of the hourglass. Nonetheless, he finished with one of my favourite panels of the event. Kudos to Jake for great preparation, and great resolve despite the misfortune.

d[-.-]b o O (Rebels of the Sacred Heart by Flogging Molly)

All around, PCN11 was a great experience. You can expect an overhaul on the good ol’ site (read as: you can expect this blog to become a site that also happens to have a blog, along with other content!) If you’d like to expand your knowledge as well, you can find Mitch Canter on Twitter as @studionashvegas or on his business website: Studio Nashvegas. You can also find Jake Jorgovan on Twitter as @JakeJorgovan or on his business website: Rabbit Hole Creative. PodCamp Nashville also has their own spiffy website. Check it out for examples of sessions you may see in the future if you decide to attend, and make sure to check out the sponsors’ pages so they can keep it free in the future! Lastly, a special thanks to my partner-in-crime during the day of solid geekery: Kasey Lawrence. Kasey can be stalked on Twitter through @pumilio and you can get his impressions of PCN11 through his blog: OpenKase. Thanks for the read, everyone! Remember to comment, like, share and subscribe! Cheers!


6 responses

  1. Glad you enjoyed the session! It’s always tough to prep for something like this because the crowd is so mixed, so it’s nice to know someone got something from the full gambit.

    You also have good taste in webcomics, btw – all of those are on my personal feed reader.

    Thanks again!

    Monday; 3.28.2011 at 21:53 CDT

    • Definitely! Thanks, again! I’m going to keep track of your 50 Days series, but if you have a link to your resources on branching out the site from your presentation, I’d love to get that from you again.

      Also, thanks for the comment on the web comics! I was lucky enough to meet Jeph Jacques at a con I work for (GMX; a production of the MTAC group. You may know the, since I saw you had posted something about ScoreCon1). QC really got me into web comics. Speaking of which, I really need to add Dr. McNinja to that list…

      Thanks, again, Mitch!

      Monday; 3.28.2011 at 22:04 CDT

      • I didn’t know you worked with the GMX. I VERY SERIOUSLY considered going to the clockwork cotillion this year (<– huge steampunk fan) but I didn't find out about it in time to get a costume together and it slipped by. I hope that next year my lovely wife will be en tow and we both can make it.

        My geekiness expands WAY beyond WordPress… that's for sure.

        Monday; 3.28.2011 at 22:06 CDT

      • Yeah! I worked on their mobile website (ultra, ultra basic this year; only has 3 days to put it together before con) and I work with participant registration. Same for MTAC, if you attend. Next year (or, October 2011, I should say) I’ll be running the Science and Technology channel. So, you know, if you want to do a panel or two, I’d love to get you on the list! Haha!

        I have couple friends that are in doctorate programs at UTSI in Tullahoma that I’m going to try to get to present. One of them has an Instructable on Steampunk Potion Bottles and the other built a 3rd Person Rig. On top of that, I’m going to try to put together some mobile tech panels (roundtable on Android v. iOS, maybe try to get one of the guys from Phandroid, and maybe one of the CyanogenMod devs if I can get them to come out.)

        Monday; 3.28.2011 at 22:21 CDT

  2. Arisen from the ashes! Nice bro. I enjoyed chilling with you at this year’s Podcamp – aside from the soggy walk back to the Saucer. Keep me posted on the WP progress, and thanks for the shout-out!

    Monday; 3.28.2011 at 21:55 CDT

    • My only regret is that we didn’t have time for a pint. ^_^ Thanks for coming, man!

      Monday; 3.28.2011 at 22:08 CDT

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