A Multi-Genre Fan Outlet by a Multi-Genre Fan Geek

In a Page

Ah. To be young again...wait. No! Anything but being young again!

A man. A bear. A con.

Tech Geek, Gaming [Analog and Digital], T-Mo advocate, Android fanboy and Beer Knurd. Proud to hail from Nashville.

Besides the character’s implications, this picture embodies my life fairly well. A little music. A silly mohawk. A fandom con in the South. Oh, and nice drink in hand.

Everyone needs a place to spill, to yell, to laugh and to….blog? Welcome to mine. A place where I can open up about what’s interesting to me and hopefully to you as well! You can expect to find casual reviews of games (analog or digital!) and music, thoughts on things that come across my daily plate and maybe even a sketch or photo. I’m also a fan of sharing. If it’s wildly memetic or simply worth a glance, there’s a good chance I’ll sample it hereabouts. For the topics that matter most to me, clicky-clicky on the “About” in the top-right corner! Thanks for your attention, dearest reader.


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