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On the Road Again


Flight to Charlotte. Flight to Detroit. Ride to Toledo, and here we are. I came up here to help my girlfriend make the drive back to Nashville with her new car, so of course Mother Nature decides to go all winter madness on Kentucky and Tennessee. This should be a fun trip…

d[-.-]b o O (Black Sheep by Metric)

I have a few more sketches in the book. Really, my main concern is being able to draw the characters quickly. I know that if it takes me two hours to finish one character completely, a full strip will take all day! I definitely need to get quicker before I get any real traction in this whole hobby. Luckily, the speed has been coming as I get more familiar with the tools. That, and I am getting closer to what I like the sketches to look like. Not perfect by a large margin, but it’s still fun to practice!

d[-.-]b o O (Paranoid Android by Radiohead)

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. New Year’s? Almost killed us all. It was definitely grandiose, and I’m glad the party went like it did! But, for the sheer sake of my stomach, never again, Power Hour. Never again. Although, New Year’s Eve morning and afternoon, before the party craziness, it was all about preparation. Preparation for what, you may ask? Oh, none other than the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Let’s just say that in the event of an outbreak, we now know that my weapon of choice is a .357 magnum revolver. Cheers, folks!

CR-48 Status: Pending Approval


**UPDATE** Are you trying to track your CR-48 shipment? I’m trying to help here! In that post, there’s a section on getting more info on your potential ChromeOS netbook! Good luck to you! 😀

Back to con operations. As we fly toward our next event, it’s time to get back into the heavy work of planning a full-fledged, multi-thousand person convention. MTAC Goes to 11 will be the eleventh running of Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, and it will be my first year on legitimate staff for this particular event. I’ve volunteered for a few years now, and I’ve been on staff for Geek Media Expo (MTAC Organization’s other onset) in the past. For those of you who have never given fandom conventions the time of day, you’re really limiting yourself. I’ll write more about conventions and their glory later on, but those will be for other days. For now, just know that conventions are about seventeen thousand times better than you’d expect them to be and meetings to gear up for them are a sign of great things to come!

d[-.-]b o O (Beating Hearts Baby by Head Automatica)

Slightly MTAC-related, I put in my application for a CR-48 beta with Google! For those that aren’t aware, CR-48 is a beta for a ChromeOS netbook that Google is busy accepting applicants for and seeding devices out to. On top of my natural Google-geek fascination with the ChromeOS netbook idea, these would be crazy helpful for the convention! In particular, I can’t imagine the difference a fleet of ChromeOS netbooks would make for con PR trips! So, needless to say, I’m excited to hear back about that program. Here’s hoping MTAC gets a few test devices!

d[-.-]b o O (Supermassive Black Hole by Muse)

Are you using Chrome as your primary browser? Have you discovered the Chrome Web Store for web-applications? If you have the opportunity, give Sketchout a try! Very good demonstration of the potential that full web-app clients have. Let me know what you think! Have a good Saturday, everyone!