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Pretty Excited


I don’t generally have specific gift requests. When holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or other such gift bonanzas come about, I’m a pretty easy recipient. Electronics. Indie-kid t-shirts. Music (for those times I’m feeling nostalgic for physically amalgamated tunes.) Really, you could walk into any corporate-juggernaut house of wares, toss a lawn dart at random and skewer something of interest.

This year’s different, though. I’ve placed one item atop my wish list (or at least the wish list I verbally handed to my girlfriend.) At risk of grand disappointment, all of my eggs are in that basket and the pre-hatched chicken count therein is an even forty. All I want for Christmas is an artist’s mousepen.

After some brief Amazon scouring, a short time dedicated to YouTube reviews and some quick Googling for hardware/software compatibility, I chose a fairly inexpensive option geared for maximum learning and minimal guilt if it falls by the wayside. I’m quite sure I won’t turn it into a grand profession like some of my favourite web comic artists of today, but I know that I’d like to sharpen my skillset with Photoshop and/or Gimp. When I was a kid, my parents got me a mousepen as a gift. I played with it pretty frequently, but I never really felt comfortable using it and want to see if that has changed with time.

So, beginner-level, Genius-branded mousepen from Amazon, we will meet soon. If I happen to produce anything I trick myself into not being embarrassed about, I’ll post it here so that we may all come back years from now and chuckle. 😀