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Friday: A Baristo’s Half-Day with a Dash of Quantum Physics


Ah, Friday. Even though I have a little work on Friday, I still think they’re my favourite day of the week. The early call to work makes sure I’m up-and-going at a productive time, but the short ending time keeps the morale up in lieu of the daily drudge. On top of that, cutting out of work at noon gives me the bonus of a nigh full week day to either get important, responsible activities handled or contribute absolutely nothing to legitimate society and focus my time on the quibbles of the post-apocalyptic Mojave Wasteland. Further than that, the cherry on top is the lack of that drag-down “Gaaaaaaah….it’s almost Monday” feeling. Yep, Friday is fantastic. As such, I’m going to sip on my delicious coffee and relax a bit. If you prefer the audio tour, feel free to throw on some headphones and follow the links inside the appropriately emoticon-laden bumps.

d[-.-]b o O (Throwing Fire by Ronald Jenkees)

Have you ever tried frothing almond milk? It’s was more of an experiment spurred by my girlfriend rather than an attempt to appear more bourgeois than I truly am, but it turned out pretty delicious! Lately I’ve taken to drinking quite a bit of coffee, and I know what you’re thinking. “Does your vision insurance cover plastic frame glasses? How far exactly is the nearest H&M from you?” Well, yes. And, I think there’s an H&M in Cincinnati. Honestly, though, it was to cut down on my daily 5-Hour Energy expenses. Trust me. They work, but they are crazy expensive if you’re popping them daily. Instead of crying over my wallet, I discovered that work provides free coffee! A win for working class to be sure! Sadly, the coffee’s pretty drab. I enjoy it, but I’ve decided to do a little brewing with my luxurious half-day Friday. As a result, I sit before you with a great coffee, an ear for unique guitar licks and an interesting news story from 2010.

d[-.-]b o O (L’Via L’Viaquez by The Mars Volta)

Wait, teleportation exits? My spell-checked does not agree, good sir! This all started last night on a chilly walk with a couple of my friends back to our car after the end of a football game we went to together. Being a lazy dolt, I remarked something along the lines of, “Man, if only we could teleport.” (Because, clearly, if we could teleport the limitations of this miraculous super-power would be to get to our primitive, fossil-fuel vehicles which would then take over the bulk of the journey!) It was just a cheap joke, but then my compatriot answered back saying that “it” did exist. “It” being teleportation, and my friend being a fool, or so I thought. He went on to tell how he was reading through Esquire (a frequent hobby of his lately; his goal being to better shape himself as a “modern gentleman”) and he stumbled across a recap of the year issue. He went on to tell me how a university had previously been able to “teleport” information over a short distance and the article was a clip on how a different university had essentially raised the bar by finishing the same task over a much longer distance. Crazy, right? Apparently not.

Esquire’s Best of 2010

On top of that short read, here’s something from the university itself. (Or, the English version of their site, to be more specific.)

University of Science and Technology of China – Long Range Quantum Teleportation

I was wrong, clearly. The hard-working quantum physicists of USTC raised the bar. (They raised it to ten miles, to be accurate.) In this case, it’s pretty cool to be wrong.

d[-.-]b o O (I’m Not Alone (Dead Mau5 Remix) by Dead Mau5)

Okay, so that last one diverted entirely from my guitar-heavy theme. Everyone can use a little electronica dance! Enjoy your Fridays, folks!